WWE Star Chooses Homeclarity

Sell a house he owned in Tampa

For most people, selling a house is a rite of passage they must go through at least once in a lifetime. Most homeowners do not have real estate expertise so they need assistance with selling their home. This is true if you work a 9 to 5 occupation or in this case, make a living as an international superstar.

WWE wrestling star Jinder Mahal, real name Raj Dhesi, can be seen on primetime TV brawling with other television icons such as Randy Orton and Triple H. However, when he is not traveling across the world and fighting for the WWE championship, Dhesi looks for investment opportunities. His time in Florida is extremely precious and limited. When he decided it was time to sell a house he owned in Tampa, Raj knew he needed some who could work with his schedule.

Is it possible for someone with a time consuming career to confidently sell their house? If you are not a real estate expert, is finding someone that can be trusted to handle the entire selling process in a transparent manner possible?

“I reached out to Homeclarity when it was time to sell my Tampa house,” Deshi said. “The best part of the whole thing was my relationship with Patrick. Our conversations were insightful and I never doubted my decision to sell with Homeclarity.”

Patrick Lovely, president of Homeclarity, has the expertise to make selling a house not only possible but simple for anyone, even traveling superstars.

Soon after Raj closed on his first Tampa house, he reached out to Patrick and the Homeclarity team for help with another property he owned. Raj trusted the Homeclarity process and knew selling his home would not get in the way of his career.

“What I liked about selling with Homeclarity was the straightforward offers. Patrick got me fair offers and at the closing dates, the offers hadn’t changed. I expected to pay fees but that was not the case. I will be investing in Tampa again soon and I will be contacting the great team at Homeclarity.”