The Best Way to Move

The Best Way to Move

Typical Time to Move After Selling a House

For those listing a home through an agent, moving options are limited. When selling a home through the traditional listing process, ownership of the property is transferred at closing. This means that sellers must be moved out and have the house ready for the buyers before going to closing.

Homeclarity 48-Hour Close

Same day closing AND moving can be extremely stressful or, just not possible for many sellers.

What if the closing date is before my new home is ready?

What am I going to do with the kids and the dog while trying to close and move?

Over the years of listening to homeowners and their struggles with same day closing and moving, we knew that something had to change. To make moving a stress-free process for sellers, Homeclarity created the 48-Hour Close.

The Homeclarity 48-Hour Close was designed with sellers in mind. Rather than agents or buyers dictating the terms of closing, homeowners can move at their own pace. Every homeowner who sells to Homeclarity chooses their closing date. Additionally, sellers can stay in their current home for an extended period of time after closing.

With the 48-Hour Close, homeowners have saved time, saved money and, preserved their sanity by avoiding all the stress!

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