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New home not ready yet? Relax! You get two more days in your house after closing so moving is a breeze.

Fast Cash Home Offer. Guaranteed Closing.

Choose your closing date. Take all your cash— No commissions and no fees.

0 days on the market, no need to prep for showings because we buy your house in any condition.

Your offer is exactly what we pay you, no surprises. You get cash before closing.

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Any Situation

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Any Type of Lien

Any Condition

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Termite Damage

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Homeclarity Cash Advance

Why wait weeks or even months to get paid when you sell your St. Petersburg house? With the Homeclarity Cash Advance, you get funds first so nothing is between you and your next home. Don’t wait for your money, choose Homeclarity today and sell your St. Petersburg home fast.

"I Want To Sell My House Fast St. Petersburg, Florida...

...while researching home selling options, I stumbled upon the easiest and quickest way to sell a house. Homeclarity is always ready to buy a house with cash and they guaranteed closing at my own pace. Homeclarity is the best way to get a fast cash offer for your St. Petersburg house."

-St. Petersburg Homeowner

We Buy Houses in St. Petersburg for Cash!

Have you recently decided that it is time to sell your St. Petersburg house?  Selling a home is usually a long, and stressful process.  The process will cost you time, money, and a lot of effort.  Traditionally the first step to sell a house is to hire a real estate agent to represent you, right?  Well, old traditions could cost you big on closing day.  The average commission rate in Florida is six percent.  If your home is worth $150,000, you could potentially owe as much as $9,000 in real estate commissions, if they sell your house.  There is also no guarantee in the current market how long it could take to secure a pre-qualified buyer to buy your St. Petersburg house.

Homeclarity, a local home buyer in St. Petersburg, will make you an offer to buy your house for cash.  We buy houses that need to be sold fast.  The offer we make you has NO commissions and NO fees.  The cash offer we make, and that you accept is the amount that we pay you.  Homeclarity believes that you should be able to sell your house with confidence in your choice of buyers, which is why we keep our offers transparent.

Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast?

No matter the reason you need to sell, when you need it to happen fast, we can assist.  Homeclarity has 15 years of experience buying houses in Florida.  Homeclarity wants to give you a transparent offer to buy your St. Petersburg house.  The average amount of time on the market for a home in Florida is 81 days.  That is over two and half months from listing your St. Petersburg house for sale and closing on it.  That is a long time to wait when you are ready to sell your St. Petersburg house now. Selling your home to Homeclarity means that your house is on the market for 0 days.  In today's world time IS money.  Accepting a Homeclarity offer to buy your St. Petersburg house for cash means you won't have to waste your time with keeping your house show-room ready when you have better things to do with your time.

You Choose When to Sell Your House

Once you have made the decision to sell your house, it is a headache trying to plan a move because you have no idea when your home will sell or how quickly it might close.  Selling your St. Petersburg house to Homeclarity eliminates that headache by letting you choose your own closing date.   Knowing the closing date means you can be ready to move at your own convenience, not someone else's.  Homeclarity wants to ensure that your St. Petersburg house selling experience is a positive one.

Get Cash for Your House Before Closing

In today's world, there is no shortage of expenses when it comes to moving day with your family and Homeclarity is here to help.  Whether you need money to hire professional packers and movers or put money towards your next property, we want to see you get the cash you need, which is why we get you cash before closing.  With the Home Clarity Cash Advance, there are no extra fees for you to pay to get cash before closing on your St. Petersburg home.  Homeclarity wants to make sure that nothing stands in between you and your next home.


No Need to Make Expensive Repairs

Traditionally when it is time to sell your St. Petersburg house potential buyers will always find areas of concern that they think need to be repaired or replaced before agreeing to close on the house.  These repairs at a minimum are going to cost you time, and at a maximum, the work needed could cost you big bucks.  Fortunately for you, when Homeclarity makes you an offer, it is on your house "as-is”.  We won’t ask you to replace a roof or fix that leaking faucet.  No matter the age or condition of your house, Homeclarity is interested in your house for sale in St. Petersburg.  We know many other national home buyers may say “any condition”, but we mean it.

Think Your House Is Going to be Difficult to Sell?

Is your house for sale in St. Petersburg ugly or outdated?  That is never a problem when selling to Homeclarity since we are actively seeking to buy homes in St. Petersburg in any condition.  Many people think that are some conditions so severe or dangerous that it will be impossible to sell their house and that is just not true.  Homeclarity purchases homes with fire, storm, or termite damage, without you having to make a single repair.  Another myth is that you cannot sell a house that is not “up to code”, which is also untrue.  Whatever the situation is, selling your home fast does not have to be difficult when you work with Homeclarity.

Is An Outstanding Situation Preventing You From Selling Your St. Petersburg Property?

There is no need to let complicated financial problems or family matters to prevent you from selling your St. Petersburg house fast.  Homeclarity is St. Petersburg’s first full-service home buyer, meaning we handle all the details for you.  We understand that events like a death in the family or a divorce mean that your situation is sensitive and personal, and we do our best to assist you with selling your St. Petersburg house with efficiency and delicacy.  There are other situations involving financial matters such as foreclosure, past due taxes, and outstanding liens, that seem like an insurmountable obstacle to selling your house however, Homeclarity is able to manage issues like this as well.  Our goal is to bring relief to the seller in any and all situations.  Give us a call today if you are selling a St. Petersburg house and there is an obstacle in your way.

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Homeclarity has a team of local home experts with proven success in foreclosure help. Through this stressful and legally complicated time, only an expert can repair your home situation. Make Homeclarity on your home team.


Must See Places in St. Petersburg, FL

Salvador Dalí Museum: this art museum in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida is dedicated to the work of the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. It houses the largest collection of Dalí's work outside of Europe. A must see for people with appreciation of art!

Fort De Soto Park: This island park was formerly used for military fortification. Remnants of these fortifications can still be seen today. As well as, this island has some excellent beaches. Great for all ages!

St. Pete Nightlife: There are no sortages of great resturants and, if legal age, bars and late night clubs.

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