New Investment in Homeclarity Kick Starts Expansion Project

TAMPA, Florida (March, 19, 2018) – Homeclarity, a full-service homebuyer with a mission of bringing relief to home sellers, is now backed by its first outside investor. This new investment from a Delaware based investment company injects millions in capital for the expansion of the company’s prosperous home selling experience.

Founded in late 2016, Homeclarity gained popularity throughout the Tampa area with their new home selling process. Founders Patrick Lovely and Simon Walsh started HomeClarity to offer a better type of home selling experience—provide certainty of closing and assist sellers every step of the way including while they move. Subsequently, they created the first all-in-one real estate service.

“We noticed homeowners were not comfortable with current home selling options,’’ said Simon Walsh, co-founder of Homeclarity. “Creating optimism for home sellers means we don’t just buy properties. Our team focuses on ensuring a better future for all sellers.”

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This service proved to be successful from the beginning. From families searching for a new home while selling their house to those facing the probate process when inheriting a property, Homeclarity was there. In the past year and a half, countless Floridians reported satisfaction with their HomeClarity experience. For this reason, Homeclarity wants to provide the same customer-first service to more homeowners.

“Simon and his team are top-shelf guys and their transparent communication made selling my house and moving enjoyable,” said Keith Mayhall, Tampa homeowner, and Homeclarity client. “They were extremely accommodating with my schedule. I even had two extra days after closing to move out of my old house.”

Investors recognized the companies’ scalable potential furthermore, with new funding, Homeclarity can move forward with their expansion project. Already this year, Homeclarity expanded its operation in two new cities, the first in Orlando followed by an Atlanta location. Both cities now have access to the same HomeClarity services currently offered in Tampa.

“We are all excited about taking our expertise and service to these great cities,” said Walsh. “This is the first step to making our service available to all homeowners.”

Homeclarity does not fit within the direct homebuyer label; they formed a new category of real estate service. Serving as direct homebuyers, licensed agents for finding and securing sellers new homes, managing all legalities including paperwork or obtaining an attorney (if necessary) and finally, advocating for those in need of moving assistance by providing funds in advance—HomeClarity is the first to do all this within a single company.

Homeclarityheadquarters is located in Tampa and can be reached at (813) 518-7669 or at