How Can I Add Value to my Home ?

How Can I Add Value to my Home

With the average value of homes hitting an all-time high in late 2017, many homeowners are now seeing an opportunity to sell. Naturally, the first thing a homeowner will ask, “What is my home worth today?” or “Is it worth investing more time and money into my home?”.

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Good news homeowners, there is no big secret to adding value to a house. A simple commitment of time and money will raise your home’s value. If you are unable to do the work yourself, knowing a trusted contractor is key to seeing profits from all your efforts. Here is where to start:

What Can Bring the Most Value to My Home?

1. The Bathroom

Recently renovated bathrooms add tremendous value. Outdated fixtures, carpet floors, and unusal or pastel colors will signal to buyers that a renovation is needed. This will lower the market value to account for a renovation.

2. The Roof

Did you know that replacing the shingles alone could cost well over $10,000 dollars? It will cost signifigantly more if there is structural damage. That is not what a new homeowner wants to worry about.

3. The Kitchen

One of the costlier projects to complete, for good reason. The kitchen is always on the top of the “must have” list for those looking to buy their next home. In many cases, the kitchen can make or break the deal.

4. The Air Conditioning Unit

This is where reliability comes into play. The age and condition of your AC unit will always be discussed when buyers are valuing your property. Is your current AC unit an asset or will be on the buyers list of future repairs?

5. The Windows

A long-term cost saver. When budgeting for a new house, a wise home buyer is going to consider future expenses. Windows are a huge factor in energy bills which can really add up. Like the value drivers mentioned above, if the windows are not in good condition it will affect the market value of your home.

This may all seem overwhelming. However, CNBC put out a report saying home values have not been this high in over a decade. Now is the time to sell your home regardless of condition. If you do not have the time or money to make these big renovations, you do have other options. For instance, Homeclarity has the ability to provide a cash offer on your Tampa home as is. A great solution if you need to sell your house fast to avoid the gamble of investing months and thousands of dollars.