Frequently Asked Questions

HomeClarity is a direct to seller home buyer. Homeclarity is on a mission to make it simple and seamless to sell your home. Our business model is built around determining a home’s value within 24 hours of a seller requesting an offer as well as saving sellers thousands of dollars in commissions and fees.

We took on the traditional selling and moving process to eliminate any uncertainty homeowners face. By creating a simplified all-in-one process, homeowners can trust one company to get them through every step of selling a home and moving. Avoid months of uncertainty and the hassle of house listings and searching for realtors by choosing Homeclarity. Choose the team guaranteeing the close so you can move on to your brighter future.

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Yes! Not only can you use the escrow funds for a down payment or a deposit on your next home, you can use the escrow funds for any expenses you have. You even gain this access to escrow before close.

Homeclarity is currently buying homes in Florida and Georgia.

We do not buy any properties currently listed on listing sites such as Regional MLS, Trulia, Zillow, etc.
- Single Family Residential homes.
- Homes located in our service areas.
- Where the seller has clear title and ownership of the property.
- Home value range from $25,000 - $500,000.
- Homes that are owner-occupied, absentee owner properties and vacant homes.

That’s entirely your choice! You get to pick the date, anytime within 5 and 365 days. We are ready to move as fast or as slow as you need.

With the Homeclarity Close, you can move out up to 48 hours after closing. To qualify for the Homeclarity Close, the seller must complete a Post-Possession Homeclarity Addendum. This is a free service, but please note that Homeclarity will hold back $5,000 as a deposit that the seller will receive once they vacate their home on the 2nd day.

We repair it, renovate it, and list it at the new market price.

All paperwork and escrow payments and are handled by a trusted 3rd party title company. As always personal information collected by Homeclarity is guaranteed never to be sold or passed on to any other entity other than those owned or affiliated with Homeclarity.

We calculate a home’s current market value by analyzing all possible available data i.e. property info received from the seller, recent sales, local market conditions, average days on market, crime zones, school districts and current property condition etc. We take all variables into account to provide sellers with the highest offer possible, all within 24 hours.

If you’re thinking of selling, use our Clarity Calculator to see how selling with Homeclarity compares and beats other online homebuyers and traditional agents.

As part of our unique Homeclarity benefits, sellers pay no commissions, no fees and no closing costs. This means that sellers take home 100% of the offer we provide.

Typically offers are good for 7 days. You will find an expiration date at the bottom of the offer.

After you accept your offer we schedule a time to meet and sign the purchase contract. From there all documents are submitted to a 3rd party title company who conducts the entire closing keeping both parties accountable and honest. For more on this visit our How it Works page.

Once the contract is signed, Homeclarity will make the escrow deposit at the title company., The next step after that will be to schedule a quick 30 min walk through.

The purchase contract becomes legally binding once it has been signed between both parties, the seller and Homeclarity, LLC.

The inspection period begins the next day after the purchase contract has been signed by both the seller and Homeclarity. Example: If the purchase contract was signed on a Monday, the first day of the inspection period would be Tuesday.

We’ll handle all of that for you. We will contact you shortly after signing the purchase contract to schedule the date of our home inspection. All you need to do is be home during the inspection, which typically takes less than 30 mins.

Not you! Homeclarity hires independent third-party inspectors and/or contractors to perform our property inspections.

Homeclarity will notify you as soon as the results of the inspection are received.

The final walk through is done in the final days before closing depending on either parties schedules.

A few days before your agreed-upon closing date, an escrow agent from the title company will contact you to finalize the day and time you will sign the final closing documents.

Approximately 7-10 days after the purchase contract is signed. The title company will be contacting you to sign a mortgage pay-off authorization document and to assist you with the any other matters pertaining to the mortgage or title.

In most cases you can take anything that isn’t built into your home. In Florida, the law states that sellers must have the right to take their Washer and Dryer.

To be eligible for the HomeClarity Move sellers must sign an Homeclarity Escrow Release addendum that states terms of the early escrow release and let one of the team know you need help locating your next home. For information on qualifications, contact us.