Easiest Ways to Make Your Home Green

New green technology is created every day making living green easier than ever. By making a few simple changes in your home, you can majorly reduce your carbon footprint. Check out these quick and easy efforts to making your home green and see if you could be doing more today!

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green Fast

If you are still using incandescent light bulbs, you could make a massive energy improvement in minutes. For every incandescent bulb you replace with a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb(CFL), you save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

Use power strips and reduce the number of sockets used

By plugging multiple devices into one extension, it is quick and easy to unplug electronics that are not being used. By turning off electronics in standby mode, you can reduce energy consumption by 15%.

You don’t need to wash your clothes on hot

Washing your clothes at a higher temperature takes double the electricity. So, wash your clothes with cold water and if you are buying a new washer and dryer, get an energy star washing machine to save even more water and energy.

Plant local plants and trees to help your home thrive

By protecting your local environment, you are doing your part to create a sustainable ecosystem. In addition to planting local plants as often as you can, homemade pesticides for your garden is an easy alternative to harmful chemicals.

Avoid one-time use plastics at all costs

Plastic is the single largest source of litter currently polluting our planet. Straws, water bottles, utensils, packaging and, plastic bags all end up in our oceans. It is possible for these types of plastics to be illegal in the near future but, why wait? You can easily make the change today!

End the paper trail

In case you have not already started, pay all your bills online and have all receipts emailed, not printed. You’ve heard of the “do not call list” but did you know there is a way you can opt-out of those pre-qualified credit card offers? You not only prevent spam coming to your home, you’re saving paper.

If you start with these simple changes you will be part of the green movement but, don’t stop there! Every little bit helps and this is only just the beginning.


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