Inheriting a Seminole Heights 4 Different Mortgage Situations to Consider

When a person inherits a house in Seminole Heights, there are many considerations to take into account before deciding what to do with the property.  The financial implications are what most people think about first.  You need to know the financial details of ownership first off and foremost before you can ascertain the value of […]

Some Considerations Before Listing Your Seminole Heights Home for Sale

Considered to be the first suburb of Tampa Bay, Seminole Heights is a designated historic district founded in 1911 just three miles north of downtown.  This development, in part, was thanks to the use of streetcars and trolleys, meaning you no longer had to live close to work.  Known for its abundance of early 20th […]

How to avoid losing your house to the bank in Temple Terrace

Currently, 1 in 1,477 homes in Temple Terrace is in some phase of foreclosure. This rate is slightly lower than the average Florida foreclosure rate of 1 in 1,297. Have you begun to miss payments on your mortgage? Are you facing foreclosure from a bank? Anyone in this situation knows that the possibility of losing […]

Easiest Ways to Make Your Home Green

New green technology is created every day making living green easier than ever. By making a few simple changes in your home, you can majorly reduce your carbon footprint. Check out these quick and easy efforts to making your home green and see if you could be doing more today! Easy Ways to Make Your […]

Sell a house he owned in Tampa

WWE Star Chooses Homeclarity

For most people, selling a house is a rite of passage they must go through at least once in a lifetime. Most homeowners do not have real estate expertise so they need assistance with selling their home. This is true if you work a 9 to 5 occupation or in this case, make a living […]

What Home Inspectors Look For

Did you know that inspectors have a checklist of about 1,600 items to check for in each house? There’s no way homeowners can go over all of these while trying to sell their house. Lucky for you, we broke down all 1,600 items inspectors check for into 10 manageable sections. Home Inspection Checklist: Property Grounds: […]

The Best Way to Sell Your House Fast in Tampa, FL

With all the uncertainty and stress that comes with selling a house in Florida, wouldn’t it be a giant relief to sell your Tampa home fast? When it comes to selling a house, there are rarely guarantees. However, if you follow this guide to selling your Tampa house, you will be in excellent position to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Local Property Tax Laws - Homeclarity™

Everything You Need to Know About Local Property Tax Laws

Tax season—unless you are the tax collector, you are dreading the arrival of tax season. For homeowners, there is a lot of anxiety surrounding what is owed and when it must be paid. Below you can find current laws and regulations, broken down for quick and easy property tax understanding. How Much in Property Taxes […]

The Best Way to Move

The Best Way to Move

Typical Time to Move After Selling a House For those listing a home through an agent, moving options are limited. When selling a home through the traditional listing process, ownership of the property is transferred at closing. This means that sellers must be moved out and have the house ready for the buyers before going […]

Vende tu casa rápido en Orlando: la forma más fácil

Si usted es un dueño de una casa en Orlando que necesita deshacerse de una casa rápidamente, no está solo. Hay muchos residentes de Orlando y Florida que necesitan vender su casa rápidamente, por una variedad de razones diferentes. Es fácil contratar a un agente para que haga el trabajo por usted, pero este proceso […]